Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Crime happens EVERYWHERE and anywhere. Don’t let it happen to YOU!

Survive and win says it all.  At the end of each day, we just want to get home, be with loved ones, relax and prepare for tomorrow.  Yet we live in a dangerous world.  A world occupied by predators, willing to injure you or take your life to get what they want.

Wouldn’t it be better to achieve our simple goal of personal safety with common sense and mental strategy, than with fighting skills that take years to develop?   Fighting skills that few outside of the military or law enforcement have the mindset to use at a moment’s notice? 

S.A.W. (Survive and Win) focuses on escape tactics that are easy to learn.  These tactics will empower you to exit a violent situation with minimal physical contact.  We focus on personal behavior, dangerous settings, and the keys to identifying potential predators.  We examine the five stages of a crime and the five ways predators interview a potential victim.

We give you skills that will help reduce your chances of being involved in a potentially dangerous situation, with information on parking lot safety, carjacking, home security, rape prevention, identity theft, ATMs, as well as snatch & grabs.

We believe our system uses what we all instinctively have, but no longer use - basic survival skills.  We prepare you to escape rather than fight the predator who is involved in this type of activity every single day.

Sign up now for our 2 hour Crime Awareness and Escape Tactics Seminar. During this seminar one of our certified instructors will give you simple, easy to remember steps that will enable you to avoid having to use escape tactics.

The certified instructor will then take a hands-on approach to show you some practical escape tactics and fighting skills for those situations when you find you have no other alternative.

Click here to sign up today. Space is limited. For more information visit our contact page.